Kelsey type case with original label - est. age is +100 yrs

I purchased an old type cabinet that came with a few old type cases - two of which were produced by Kelsey company. Age is estimated at over 100 years based on information that other Briarpress users have provided (an old advertisement and a catalog). Type is PIED and included with the case.

Price is for “Ronalson” case with a complete label as well as other case that only has a partial label.

These cases have been used - more than likely for over 100 years. Can provide all sorts of supporting documentation and photos!

Asking $100 for both cases. Can ship but actual shipping costs will be paid by buyer. Pickup in Minneapolis MN or Madison WI can be arranged. Chicago pickup (near NeoCon World Trade Fair - on June 14 can also be arranged, but must be prepaid)

Thanks much!

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image: ronaldson1.JPG


image: ronaldson2.JPG


image: typecase.jpg