Just starting- buying first press

Hi guys
I’ve read all of the info on here looked at heaps of post and iwant to get some advice and some leads on buying my first press I’m in Sydney Australia so shipping would be the main problem. I’m looking to start invitionsjust as a hobby/part time job.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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There are presses in Australia. By local; avoid shipping!


thanks, any other clues on where to find them?

check with a printing museum, i know there is one somewhere in Australia, can’t remember the name, if you check the yellow pages on this site i’m sure you’ll find him, he might know of something local for you. Good Luck Dick G.

Consider this cautionary tale: http://www.briarpress.org/18950
Then look for the post on December 5, 2009, by Russell Fray, which suggests he can find a press in Melbourne.

But understand that lots of folks spend months looking for a press. It make take some real searching.

Good luck!

I recently started on my letterpress journey and found some great presses through ebay. Some can cost you an arm and a leg so I found that doing my research first was really helpful.

I found it hard to find presses in Australia and scoured everywhere I could think of including online and traditional Australian auctions, and even looked overseas. Presses from overseas can be pretty pricey after you factor in shipping costs. A Heidelberg windmill from NZ would have cost $2000 in shipping alone!

I’ve now picked up an Adana tabletop press with accessories from an ebay seller from the UK and it set me back about $650 (inc. shipping). I can put you onto the guy who sold it to me if you like. I’m in the process of picking up a Windmill in Australia now.

One thing I’ve learnt is to be patient and keep searching!

You may want to contact Louise Redman of Poppy Letterpress in Canberra, Australia. She started in 2007 and produces some really amazing work. Read her blog starting from the beginning to see how she has grown her business.

She may be willing to help you with contacts down under.


Good luck in finding your perfect press.