Advice on sourcing rollers and runners for an Improved Pearl #11


I’ve recently acquired a Improved Pearl #11 press, which required replacement rollers and runners. Could anyone suggest the best place in the UK who might be able to help me out with a rarer request such as this?

Also - it seems that it is missing a paper delivery ‘shelf’ and arms… any suggestions as to what i might be able to do?



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I have 4 original Pearl no.11 runners (bearers) for your rollers. $ 75. You can have the missing two machine from the originals.
For the feedboards brakets email the Golding Guru:
[email protected]


Hi Simon,

I”m sure someone will identify a UK source, but, if not I highly recommend getting your cores recovered by Ramco in California. Adrian has had his supplier mix a nice soft durometer rubber for the letterpress community that works quite well and the cost is reasonable. I believe he may be also be making trucks/bearers/runners. In addition, they also do regrinding. If one had rollers that were too large, they can take off about 20 thousandths and expose new rubber giving them extra life for less cost than renewing entirely. I personally have a set for my Pearl and my Jobber on the way from them. Get thee to the Golding Guru for your delivery board brackets as mentioned above.


OK great thanks for the advice. I might wait to see if I have any luck with a UK source, rather than having to fork out for expensive shipping…

The model I have actually has the maker’s name ‘Hunter Penrose’ - although it seems to be exactly the same as the Improved Pearl #11. Is this maybe because it was manufactured in the UK?

Hi Simon,

I would think that might be the distributor rather than the manufacturer. However, here in the States after the original Pearl production was stopped, another company started making an imitation/look a like. That company was the Craftsmen Machinery Co. It looked like a Pearl except its finish was not as good. The story goes that they purchase the original molds to put it back into production in the 50’s I think. Having owned one, I believe they may have created new molds from an actual Pearl press as they are nowhere near the original finish of the Golding version. Also, the lower base portion was not cast iron and wood like the original, it was formed steel and wood with no gentle curves that the cast one posessed. So, it’s possible that a UK company did the same thing I guess. You could contact them to see as I think they are still in business.


Hello Simon,

In the UK, you can also try EllieEvans for rollers and bearers, or Sarah Hales ([email protected]). Do you get the “Small Printer’, the monthly magazine of the BPS, several addresses can be found there.

i have subscribed / paid for membership to the BPS but am still awaiting my copy of the magazine.

John: the press looks exactly the same as the images of the Improved Pearl #11, the only difference being a small plate screwed into the platen which says “manufactured by hunter penrose ltd. london wellingborough” - the base had a wood door and is cast iron.



I’ve spoken to Elli Evans and they tell me that the press needs to be assembled, and they need to actually come to see it in situ in order to obtain measurements: is this standard? Would it not be possible to make new rollers and runners without doing so?

Try to find somebody in the UK with the same model and ask him/her to measure things up for you. I was able to visit John Easson in Scotland and take measurements of the runners and rollers of a rare Adana no.3. After that, it was easy to machine the rods and the runners. We sent the rods to Elli Evans we supplied the rollers. It all depends, are you a handy person, can you work out some things yourself and obtain information from fellow printers? If that’s the case, I reckon you could work it out without having Elizabeth to come over.

Thanks for the info Thomas. I will have to await my subscription to come through from the BPS before I can put a wanted ad out for someone with the same press. Although I just found that Boxcar in the US have exactly the same here, look

I’m in no rush, but one day, just maybe, i’ll get it in tip-top condition to look (and run) just as nice as that example…

Atelier Domino: I just discovered your Flickr stream with your Pearl #11!

Lovely job on the restoration!