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I’m a stationery designer and I would LOVE to offer letterpress invitations to my clients. I design my invitations myself, and while I’m not interested in buying a press and doing this task myself, I would like to find a company/person that can take my design and create a beautiful letterpressed work of art. I’m in Ridgeland, Mississippi and have searched high and low, but to an avail. Is there a company online that I can email my images to, because I can’t seem to find anyone locally. Any advice would be great!

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Hi, don’t see any replies here, but please do take a look at slowprint.com

We are commercial letterpress printers, and would be happy to work with you. However, please note that while we try to keep prices reasonable, letterpress is a time-and-capital intensive process. That is: it’s not cheap, and we can’t make it cheap ;-)




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Definitely shop around, test the waters with some quotes. I don’t know off hand of anyone in Ridgeland, but you can surely find an excellent press on Briar Press.

James Beard
Vrooooom Press
Austin, TX