any videos on basic proof pressing - hand inked?

I’m getting my press cleaned up slowly but in the meantime I have some artwork to create using an available etching press.

I’m printing from easy cut linoleum, lion blocks and standard type / advertising blocks.

luckily the etching press has adjustments for roller height but what I’m finding is that i’m not sure how much ink I should be using or how much pressure for different paper types.

should i use oil or waterbased inks, etc etc etc.

I looked for a book on letterpress but a local library search came up empty.

is there a repository or links to video tutorials on basic letterpress printing, linoleum block printing, etc anywhere someone could point me to?


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Try this for starters…

also Cleeton-Pitkin,”General Printing” and many other books on basic letterpress printing. With your questions about roller heights, amount of ink, impression (pressure) go to the tried-and-true method: “TRIAL AND ERROR

Hi Keith
YouTube has a lot of videos about printing on letterpress or, I suppose, etching presses. I’ve never used an etching press for printing linocuts and letterpress materials, but one thing I have always heard on the subject concerns the importance of bearers to protect the edges of your blocks. Here is a link to an article that has a useful photograph.

To make good quality prints you really need to use oil based ink. I like Vanson CML Oil base Plus #745. There are other good ones, but you can’t miss with that one. The rule for how much is always “As thick as it needs to be but as thin as it can be” given the composition of your design. The finest details are achieved through adjusting pressure not by increasing ink.

I did a basic video on YouTube. If you have any questions feel free to email.

Casey McGarr
[email protected]

casey.. i watched this video months and months ago… it’s probably THE video that got me wanting to start printing.

I LOVE the layered printing technique and how smooth and uniform those skate posters look.

I might have even aked a question in the comments which you replied to if i recall.

how much of a difference is there between the quality of output on what you did in that video on that press vs running the same block on a hand inked lino block using a press like the poco no2?