Linotronic 330

I have A Linotronic 330 imagsetter
Every time I try to load film it tells me that there is already film there, but the machine is empty
Help Please

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Probably a stuck limit switch. Remove the film and look for something that looks like it might have moved at some time in the past - something is telling your system that the film’s already installed. It’s probably just a stuck switch or button.

- Alan
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Hi I´m the one and only linotronic specializt from germany, ex. Linotype. I´v made support worldwide for this product. So ask me:

already film means the first motor (tourquemotor) must be able to run backwards to check film is out and to inhibit the costumer to bring film in the LTC before the filmshutter closed.
So if the motor is running back something is wrong with FAL on the left side of filmtransport (2 hallsensors on it) or with the further pcbs.

best regards from germany

Dieter Sautier