Best paper shop in London


I am going to London and wonder if any of you know of a good shop for beautiful envelopes, blank cards etc. for letterpress.


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Have a look at this:

They welcome callers to their shop.

Falkiner fine papers on Southampton Row, close to the British Museum also stocks nice papers and some stationary, but is sadly enough, since it was taking over, not the shop anymore that it used to be.

Totally agree, Thomas. You can’t beat Purcell’s for paper — but they’re only open 9-5 Mon - Friday.

My favorite was Faulkiner’s, but I often bought paper at Paperchase at 209-226 Tottenham Court Road.

All of the above are great suggestions.

Purcell’s is worth a look just to see the warehouse and chat to the staff in the sample room.
However if you are after a few sheets it isn’t your best bet as they only sell paper in larger quantities.

Atlantis just off Brick Lane isn’t too bad for paper either and is fairly well priced.