Disassembly of tabletop for safe transport?

Is it recommended to disassemble parts of an ideal 5 when transporting it in a car? I thought I’d stick in the trunk of my car with some blankets. Do I need to remove the arm or the rollers, tie the platen shut, etc, etc to transport it safely?

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I would either not disassemble anything and put it on the floorboards behind the front seats or I would take the ink disc off, close the press and lay it on its side (the side without the linkages) and put it in the trunk. Neither option is difficult in the least, but the floorboards mean not having to worry about the press sliding around in the trunk at all. Either way you choose, I would not recommend leaving the rollers on it.
good luck.

What kind of press is it?

Thanks, JamieK.
Dicharry, it’s an ideal 5.

Could you put it upright in a heavy wooden crate and surround the press inside the crate with blankets and pillows? Then you could put the crate on the back seat and wedge it in with more stuff so it couldn’t move. And yes, pop off the ink disc and rollers first.

That’s what I would probably do…I’d be very afraid to transport my Sigwalt on its side.

would it be necessary to take the arm lever off? if so, how would i go about removing it? Does anyone have a manual i can buy from them?

Removing the lever arm is a pain in the butt. There’s a good change that the fitting will be damaged. If you tie the platen shut, the arm will be more or less secured in the down position. Only take it off if you need to.

I learned the hard way…