Mystery type

The label said Blair Lt Caps. The only Blair I could find was in McGrews and that is a gothic face. Pin mark just has a 12 in the little circle which I assume means 12 pt. I didn’t find it McGrews nor did I find in ATF’s 1923 specimen book so I’m thinking it was a pre-1900 design? Any ideas?


image: IMG_1938.JPG


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This is a 19th-century face called, MURAL, which originated with the Boston Type Foundry. It was designed by John K. Rogers and Patented May 31st 1881. There were more condensed cuttings, called FACADE & FACADE Extra Condensed. A lower case was added to the latter and it was called No.2.
McGrew omitted many of these faces that did not make it into the 20th-century specimen books.

Dave Greer

Thank you!