Challenge Gordon Press 1903

I am a design student at Emily Carr in Vancouver and I working on a project for a local printing firm. I want to give the design piece a sense of the companies history which started out with the above mention press. How would I go about getting a scanned copy of the owners manual specific to that machine. Basic assembly break down, parts list, etc….would be great

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Hello! funny enough im an Eciad student too! you can probably find somthing on the Boxcar Press website under manuals. They have scanned manuals of all sorts of printing presses. I have a few old C&P Ad’s kicking around in my shop you can check out if you’d like.

I would be interested in seeing what you have if its older then the manuals on Boxcar, everything there seemed a bit new for what I was looking for. What are you taking at ECIAD…Design, or is that a bad assumption?


About 5 years ago my wife and I inherited some printing equipment,among the parts was an antique looking press.I never paid attention to it until just yesterday when I had to move it.It has a data plate that reads Challenge press on it.And on one end CHALLENGE GORDON is cast right into one of the larger pieces.I dont know what model it is.If your interested I can send photos.

C.E. parts - can I ask what country you are located in? Are you interested in selling your press?

Hi, How do you know it is 1903 and do you have the presses ID number stamped on the drive wheel, (the one with the notches)? I am curious because I am trying to date my Challenge Gordon of the same era. Do you know the outside dimension of your chase? Thanks.