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So I am pretty new to letterpress. I have an Adana 5x3 and have made a few prints. I love letterpress and setting type is very relaxing to me. I am going to college for graphic design and started letterpress because I am fascinated by this process and feel that in today‚Äôs crazy world the human interaction is lost. All that aside I am looking to expand my type collection. I only have one font and it limits what I can do. I know about getting plates made and all that but I LOVE setting type and doing as much by hand as possible. I would love to play with different sizes and fonts and all that but like I mentioned earlier, I am in school still and am very limited on money. I was wondering if anyone knows of any cheap ways to get type. I am in upstate NY right by Glens Falls/Lake George if that helps…


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Keeping your eyes and ears open while waiting patiently is usually the best way to go. You can set up a google alert to help inform you of new developments as soon as possible.

High quality type is often in the hands of printers or collectors who value it and price accordingly. Ebay is a good source for “scrap” or hobby type that may have been treated a little roughly.

Scrap prices on lead seem to hover around 35-55 cents per pound, which is something to keep in mind when formulating an offer on type.

You can also try making friends with printers in your area, and don’t limit yourself to letterpress printers. I’ve known a lot of offset guys who started out in letterpress and still know retired printers with equipment that can go to a new home.

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