Kelsey 6x10

I bought this press a few months ago from a reputable, local broker. I have since decided I would rather have a smaller press.

This press is beautiful, and is in wonderful, working condition. You can see it is clean and free from rust. It comes with rollers, trucks, and one chase. The rollers work, and have no cracks in them, but I was told that they may be Chandler and Price rollers. They still work with this Kelsey press though.

There is one small crack on part of the handle (see picture), that does not affect the function of the press. I checked into getting it welded, and there is a man in Marysville who is able to weld cast iron, should you choose to have it repaired. I chose not to, because the press still functioned properly with the crack.

I’m asking $1000, that’s what I paid for it. But I’m willing to negotiate.

(For some reason, I’m unable to upload photos. I’ll email them to you if you’re interested.)

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