Looking for some help!

So I have posted on here a couple times and I love the feedback I get and it is all really helpful! However, I would really love it if I could have some hands on training or something around where I live. I have looked up printing places close to me and can’t really find much or they are all about how to make books and stuff. I am looking for letterpress help. I feel like I have the basics with my little letterpress and I guess I am looking for someone with either a larger press, more experiance, someone to talk to about any problems stuff like that. My press is small but might need some fine tuning…

I am in upstate NY by Lake George. I go to school in Albany for graphic design. If anyone is close by and can possibly help just let me know!

Thank you

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I’m not real close, if you can get to Hanson, Massachusetts i would be glad to help you, been printingletterpress since the early 1960’s, have 10x15 windmills, 12x18 kluge, 5x8 and 3x5 kelseys, and a few others. Always willing to help over the phone if i can. Let me know. Dick G.