Motor Installation

I have a Craftsman 1/2 horse motor I want to hook up to my 10x15 C&P OS. I don’t have a clue at where to start.

I do understand I’ll need to find a belt that can fit around my flywheel and attach to the motor somehow. What type of attachment do I need for my motor to accept the belt? Where can I find a belt? What size?

Also, I have a “Press-O-Matic” that I obtained when I purchased my letterpress. I would definitely be interested in hooking this up to allow for controlling the voltage to the motor.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

image: Craftsman Motor

Craftsman Motor

image: Press-O-Matic


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The motor appears to be a single speed motor, hopefully 1725 rpm, the 3450 rpm motors are too hard to gear down for use on a platen. The “Press O’ Matic” appears to be the control arm that would connect,via linkage, to a Kimble or other variable speed motor with shiftable motor brushes. The two are not compatible, but many folks with Kimbles are looking for the control quadrant, so don’t get rid of it.

Thanks Mike - Yeah, the motor is a 3450 rpm. I guess I should seek out a new motor?

Is anybody out there successfully using a 3450 rpm motor? I’d love to find out if this is possible before I get rid of it.

Just thought I’d bump this to the top to see if anybody had some advice for me on the subject. Thanks!