Servcing in Seattle

I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a good company in Seattle that can service a flat-bad letterpress. It hasn’t had a tune up in years and our company uses it about a dozen times a year. Also, I am having trouble tracking down a supplier of Enviro-Wash. It’s a cleaner we use to clean the ink from the press and the rollers. It’s made by a company called Pressline. I can’t seem to find anywhere online to purchase it. Any suggestions or thoughts would be most helpful!


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Try Northwest Printer’s Supply. I haven’t seen the Pressline stuff and Varn discontinued the wash I liked with the ‘colorlok’ label called “Enviromental Wash” but I believe they still make California Wash. You can try Xpedx on 1st ave s. too.

I also sent you my contact info via message for repairing and tuning your press. I do housecalls and work on all press models and types.