Printing Plate Thickness

I have a C&P pilot 6.5 x 10 press. I am looking into companies that make photo-polymer printing plates. The company has recently asked what the width of the plate needs to be. Is there a specific thickness my press should use?

Thank you.

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No photopolymer plate is available at type-high, so you will need to buy a plate that in conjunction with your base will sit at that height.

True, you need a photopolymer plate. But the plates have different names depending on the type of plate, base, height etc. I myself use KF 152 plates.

Alan from Excelsior Press makes a pretty cool “chase base” that brings photopolymer plates up to type high. It also gives you a larger usable image size than the standard chase.

Thanks Vrooooom and megahurt, that helps a lot.

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