letterpress classes in London

I am looking for a part time Letterpress course in London either day time or evenings, preferably run by someone who runs a working printshop rather than a College that charges £400 for 3 days!

I have my own Adana and lots of type……but a it scared to take that first step alone. Any ideas please….even happy to do an internship.

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….ooops, poor typesetting…..should read “a bit scared…..”

I took a one day workshop with Harrington & Squires in London, which I found to be great fun and really useful.



Obviously a course would be preferable but don’t be scared to jump in, if you have the press and type give it a go. Be modest in your aims - don’t try and set 48 lines of six point type, just set a word in the chase put it in the press and pull a proof without any ink - it will give you a good idea of where you are going. There is a good written guide for a press nearly identical to yours linked below, it runs through all the basics. I found looking at a few videos on youtube really helpful (although in fairness I was refreshing rather than learning from scratch), while you should probably be cautious - not every video is produced by an expert teaching you the best techniques, at least they help you visualise what you read in the guides.

Good luck and shout if you have specific questions