Miehle Vertical

i just purchased a used Miehle Vertical…i am trying to get power to it and the plate is missing from the motor so i don’t know any of the specs…i downloaded the manual but it doesn’t list the motor HP, voltage etc…does anyone know where i can find that info?

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Alex, more than likely 3 phase, and old 3 phase at that.
You might need a “buck boost” transformer as well.
When you do start up hopefully with a skilled electrician
make sure the flywheel spins in the direction of the arrows
cast in it. best james

Alex, I just took posession of a V50 about 2 weeks ago and I am in the process of getting it to run from the electrical service at my house. Mine had the original motor and I can send you a photo of the motor and plate but I don’t know which model you have. I can tell you what I am doing to get it to run the 3HP 3 phase motor on 220V single phase power if you are interested.


Robert could you share your electrical specs.
Are you running a vfd for 110 to 3p

oops sorry didn’t see the 220

Robert- i have the v 50, a photo would be very helpful! and any additional advice you can share on how you are getting it to run would be appreciated…

The motor could be single or 3 ph. An electrician will know.

I have attached a photo of the back side of my press that shows the motor. It is the original Kimble 3hp 3 phase motor. I am not sure exactly how the previous owners had it hooked up but the two newer boxes you see attached to the side will be removed and I will be hooking up a Rotary Phase Converter that will allow you to go from single phase 220 volt service which is the most common type found in most residential and light commercial contsruction. Simply put you can mount the rotary phase converter either on the press or somewhere nearby and you can hardwire it to your service or you can attach a cord and plug and then you connect the other side right into the motor. The motor will run at full power just like it was intended. You can find new rotary phase converters starting at around $325.00 or you could contact some motor sales/repair shops in your area and they may even have used ones available for less than this. Here is a link http://temcoindustrialpower.com/products/Phase_Converters/PC0102.html that will show the type of converter I have purchased and will be installing. There are several other manufacturers out there but this should give you an idea of what to look for.

The Dog House Press

image: IMG_1008.JPG


That lower box is (or looks like) the starter for your press, which allows you to use the starting switch on the operators side. Otherwise you would have to start the press with a disconnect or a fully rated switch elsewhere. A starter works as a contactor, allowing lower rated switchgear to control the machine. Starters also provide overload protection for the rest of your electrical system.

The bigger box above is a disconnect and certainly doesn’t need to be there. I would think a starter is still required even if running off a rotary phase convertor.

I have 3 Meihle V50 presses. They look similar to the one above, but yours looks like a V35. The way the manufacturer gave it its model number was the max impressions per hour. Call chuck at Jack Beall Verticle Service. He can give you the model based on the serial number. He has many parts too.

A phase converter is really nothing more than a motor/generator.