Webendorfer-Wils Little Giant and Vandercook SP 15

Hey everyone I am new to this site. I am helping my parents clean out their basement. They have from their business that went belly up in 1970 a Webendorfer-Wils Little Giant serial no: 167LG and a Vandercook SP15 proof press that still works. They also have California cabinets with the metal inside that they used. I do not know where to go to get rid of these items or who to talk to. Can someone please help me or guide me in the right direction. thank you. I can take pictures and post them later if that will help.

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What part of the country do you reside? Carl

They live in NY.

sprotsko - We try hard to keep the Discussion forums for information and exchange of ideas on letterpress printing. To buy and sell items like this, you are welcome to post your ad in the Letterpress Classifieds where you will reach a broad audience looking for this kind of equipment. You can add pictures there.