Setting Up a Heidelberg

Is there anything special I need to do when initially setting my Heidelberg.

Is it as easy as connecting power to it? I have a rotary phase converter I will be using to supply 3 phase power. Is it just a hard connection from the Heidelberg to the Phase Converter. Should I use a relay/fuse between the two?


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Somewhere on your press should be a pushbutton control (on/off) the wire from this should lead to a box back by the motor, which should be the motor starter. The starter (if present) does two things: it allows the use of momentary pushbuttons that do not carry the full voltage load to control the motor. A starter also provides protection if there is a power failure, in that the press will not restart after the power failure.

Of course you can run the press from an electrical disconnect mounted on the wall (or at the press). This would be a switch for controlling the entire current load and it would be either on, or off. It will not disconnect in the event of a power failure. It would probably be a good idea to have some switch between the RPC and the press motor so that the RPC can get up to working speed before the load of the press motor is placed on it.

Check with your local electrical guru to see exactly how your control wiring is set up. I am not an electrician, nor should anything noted above be construed as the absolute word on the matter.

Apart from electrical, you should level it.

(If you haven’t already - stick a crow-bar under offending area to lift the foot and shove some cardboard under it. Repeat.)