Kelsey 5X8, Ready for final restoration

OK, I started on this journey just to be able to print business cards and now I have three presses, and this one is extra. It is a Kelsey 5X8 and is ready for the final stages of restoration. It is mostly clean (lots of vinegar and lime juice…parts of my house still smell like a pickle factory) and elbow grease. It is functionally clean—some might sandblast the heck out of it, repaint it, and then maybe in a few years they would get some paper on it and print, but I wanted it to just look nice and then print with it. It has no cracks or dings, moves freely, and missing only one spring arm for the rollers. I have just ordered a chase for it, and it will come with a chase, though it needs rollers and trucks. It will be a very nice working press. But while it was my first press, in three weeks I have ended up with a 3x5 Kelsey and a 6X9 Sigwalt, so this is an extra press. And I never thought I would be able to say that I had an extra press. (-: Some of the photos are pre-cleaning, but you should get a pretty good idea.

Price is $350, and it is located in St Cloud MN. I can’t deliver or ship this press, so come visit. St Cloud is about 75 minutes from Minneapolis/St Paul

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image: cleanpress.jpg


image: cleanpress2.jpg


image: cleanpress4.jpg


image: cleanpress6.jpg


image: press2.jpg