Letterpress inks australia

Hello, I was curious as to where to source letterpress inks in australia, I am looking to aquire 15 base colour inks: (this is copy/pasted from boxcar) 3 metallic oil-based inks, printing black, and opaque white. The colors are: Red (023); Pantone Black (mixing black); Blue (072); Green; Transparent White (mixing white); Orange (021); Process Blue; Purple; Reflex Blue; Rhodamine Red; Rubine Red; Violet; Warm Red; Yellow; 871 Gold, 874 Gold, and 877 Silver; Printing Black; Opaque White (printing white).

I am looking for a local supplier to avoid shipping costs!

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I have searched for a while and couldn’t find much. There are the very expensive European relief inks sold in tubes at art shops specialising in printmaking. The other option is litho offset inks available in pantone colours and tweaking with additives to make it work with your project.

If you only need a little bit you can contact the closest museum of printing to you. They can usually, as a kind gesture, supply you with some.

If anyone else is interested, I have found these guys http://www.gbcaustralia.com.au/ who have a good stock of rubber based inks!