Sears Compucarve…

Sears is advertising a computer controlled router that looks like it might be usable to create wood type.

Has anyone had any experience with it or have an opinion? It is $1,800 which is a chunk of change but it might be worth it.

Be sure to click on the images along the left side to see examples of what it can do.

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At that price you would be better off with a polymer plate maker.

Using a router to create wood type only gets you near the finished product. There is one more step necessary after the router is used. By its very nature the router has a round bit and you can’t go any smaller or “sharper” that the diameter of the bit you are using. To create a sharp ‘inner’ angle, a graver or burin needs to be used to finish the job. The wood-type manufacturers employed skilled workmen to do this hand-finishing process in the manufacturing of wood type.