New C&P and some cleaning advice needed….

I have read, read, and read until I have exhausted all topics involved with cleaning up an older machine. I have come to the conclusion, there is obviously more than one way to skin the cat, but there is always a preferred method.

You can see from the picture that the press has some protective rust on it, but for the most part is in pretty good condition.

My question is: What is the preferred method for removing rust, and protecting areas not painted, esp areas like the ink disk?

I have been gently removing the gummed up areas with kerosene, then wiping it down with a 10w-30 coated rag. I also have some silicone spray that is supposed to prevent rust (use it on my garage door springs).

My plan is to start the rust areas with a dry brass wheel, then wd-40 and scotch pad to final clean, then either oil, silicone or wax (not sure which method to choose for final protectant.) I can already see the oiled areas collecting dust and fibrillation (I screen print for a living), so that has me re-thinking the light oil coating. Would the silicone spray or wax be better?

I appreciate any insight into getting my new baby up and running in a condition that is safe for her for a long time. I am not planning on doing a museum restoration (why fix it if it ain’t broke??), but do want her nice and tight for years of service.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Rock Hill, SC

image: DSC_0339-FB2.jpg


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