ink supplies (Australia)

I have an urgent print job and require some black ink for my Adana 8x5. I ordered some ink from the UK 2+ weeks ago but it hasn’t arrived. I’m based in Sydney so ideally would like to buy it in person so I can start printing immediately, can anyone point me in the right direction? Or otherwise recommend Australian ink suppliers that do interstate mail orders?


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Have you checked the Australian suppliers listed in the Briar Press Yellow Pages? I daresay that a telephone call to one of the printers listed should elicit your needed information.


Hya Lysbon give Coates a try they used to have reps. in most captital cities,I ran offset & letterpress for years and that for basic jobs offset and l/press inksu sed to work ok, also water based letterpress inks worked fine, even in the humidity in Qld

Try Brissett Rollers for printing consumables. I believe they have an office in each state in Aus.

Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I’ve ended up buying some Vanson rubber based ink from here: