C&P Running sloooooowwwly

Our 10x15 C&P has started to run super slowly. We attacked the first logical solution by putting a new motor and belt on the press last week. To our dismay, the problem is still continuing. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Seems like something must not be catching properly. We’re stumped.

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Have you oiled it properly?

My 8x12 was doing that… it was all an oil issue. Seriously. I ended up finding 2 new oil holes I never knew existed {anyone have some diagrams that are more CLEAR of the C&P oil holes?}

Hmmm, I think we’re oiling it properly, but we’ll check everything over more closely. Thanks for the suggestion.

Remember that two of the main oiling holes are only accessible when the platen is in the forward (Print) position. Note that they are larger holes and take more than a drop of oil. Also the holes for the joints at the base of the bed casting are often overlooked.