Having trouble running 220lb Lettra through my Windmill

Hello all,

I’m in a pickle and need help. I sold a job to a client on 220lb Lettra cover. I have the dies and I was just out in the shop tring to set up the feed. I have set the press up per the Heidelberg manual for thick stock, but the paper is going into the grippers crooked. I have no tilt, pile height high, blast full on. Any help would be appreciated. Jay

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Try turning off a couple suckers or use the rubber suckers. Also, check your hoses for leaks and clean out the filters.

Is it going into the grippers crooked when it comes out of the pile or does it get crooked as the gripper travels to the platen?

Check under the feed table down on the base. There is a pointer. See if it points to the 0 mark. It is attached to the back that can pivot or if some reason two main bolts have loosened up. When you’re looking down on the base the pointer will be toward a south east position. It would affect the angle of the paper reaching the grippers. Ron

Hey Jay
I’m new to the letter press game but have experiance on the Hedi- windmill (foil,emb deboss). I’ve used Kluge delivery suckers (or others) on the windmill to pick up thick stock (4-ply). Try two to begin with. or if it is tilt problem you can make a triangle shim out of cardboard. One job with lots of static I took off the air from the hedi-pump and connected a hose from our air compressor to separate the mylar sheets. Hope this is helpful.