Help me create a letterpress paper resource

I’d like to create a directory of papers suitable for deep-impression letterpress for stationers and clients to consult.

What I need from you is recommendations of your favorite papers on which to print *and* a sample/scrap of that paper.

Neenah has already contacted me and is sending some samples over. You can find out more at

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Legion Paper has already done some of the work for you:

Check out their samplers.

Legion’s trying to sell it. I’m not.

Although, it appears that they don’t sell several of the lines they highlight.

Thought I remembered that site being less informative (or nice-looking) a few months back, though the way back machine isn’t giving me any results at present.

Perhaps we could ask Elizabeth at Briar Press to:

(i) add a new Category for “Letterpress Papers” in the Discussions section, and

(ii) add a new Heading on the right-side menu (“Papers”).


Hi all,

Thanks (I think?!) for the compliment on the new site. We set it up to fill exactly the void you talk about - making some of these great papers (and samples) available in small quantities and we (almost) always have stock. There is no minimum order.

Also - the letterpress site is a small subset of our papers. I’d be more than happy to provide any samples and share as much information as we can.

Here’s a larger list than on

Let me know what you’d like and I’ll send it out.

(Note: our $1000 opening order is to open a wholesale account and have access to thousands of our papers, as opposed to the letterpresspaper site which offers only a few dozen.)

Joshua Levine
Legion Paper


Hi Paul,

I’ll e-mail you privately as well.

1. We still have all of the Magnani papers (and thousands of others). Check here for a larger listing:

2. We’re still mainly a wholesaler selling to retail art supply stores. We set up to do just as you suggested: to offer smaller quantities (with no minimum) of papers not usually found through traditional retail stores. Papers like Somerset, Pescia, Arturo, etc - are readily available through our resellers and we don’t want to undermine them.

3. We’ll be adding more papers to the letterpress site, including Mohawk, in the coming months.
(Also, the letterpress site only has one paper that’s available as heavyweight only! Everything else is available in “regular” text and cover!)


Just poking in to say that I really enjoy working with Holyoke Fine Paper. You can find it by searching for that term or through the Manifest Press website. Comes in a variety of cut sizes, and is right on the money. Supposedly they order case pricing now, but I’m still a ways from making my next paper order.

James Beard
Vrooooom Press
Austin, TX

One question, geared towards Joshua….
Why is it that only A7 envelopes are available with inner and outer envelopes? Are there any plans to make inner/outer sets available in the future? With Letterpress being a high-end trend in wedding and other social stationery, the more formal inner and outer envelopes are very important, but most of my clients do not want the traditional 5x7 invite. envelope conversion for a 200qty order gets very expensive


There’s nothing in the works right now for other inner/outer envelopes in Lettra. Arturo has inner/outers in 7.5” squares as well as 6.13x8.38 (inner) and 6.38x8.63 (outer).

What sizes would you like to see?

Also - Matthew, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread. Please let me know what papers I can send you for your directory and I’ll get them out to you.


My apologies as well, i probably should have started a new thread….

While Arturo is a beautiful paper, it’s not my first choice for invitations… it just doesn’t have the weight most of my brides are looking for (I use it a lot for stationery though). The paper’s texture is too different to use those envelopes with a different stock inside it, too.
My biggest interest for inner/outer sets would be with the A9 and No. 10/DL sizes. I know Crane carries some of them, but not without a watermark, which is a huge no-no in the world of brides.