Pinstriping a press

I have a friend who is one of the best pinstripers in my region, and I’m making business cards for her in exchange for her pinstriping my 1915 10x15 C&P.

I’m trying to decide what I want her to do to the press—what kind of design for the pinstriping and where to do it. Originally I was just thinking of the flywheel, but now I’m also wondering about other parts of the press. My friend can also do gold, copper, and silver leafing, and we’ve been talking about maybe using some of that, too.

Does anyone know if there was a standard design that would have been used on a press like mine? I’d like to stay true to the history of the press and replicate what might have been used originally (if anyone ever bothered with such a detail with this kind of press). But I’d also love to see photos or hear descriptions of what other people have done to snazzy up their press (of any kind) after a restoration, just to get some more ideas. Thanks!

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Check out , they have done some great restorations. Also, LOL Letterpress , they have one of Defelices’ restorations.

Hi Melissa,

We have a few pictures of our restored C & P 8x12 OS showing some of the pinstriping. Defelice engineering did a great job.

Hope this helps.

LOL Letterpress