1922 Chandler & Price 10X15 Letterpress + 15 drawers of type

This letterpress has been unused since my brother went into the military in 1970. Before he left, it was working and he used it for wedding invitations and graduation announcements. Videos were taken yesterday of the working press and pictures of the typeface trays are posted at youtube.com. Just type jkiser86 in the search field and 4 videos will come up.

The buyer will be responsible for all packing and shipping. The 1500 lb press is located in a basement that has a door outside at the top of the steps. It is located in Elkhart, Indiana just off the Indiana Toll Road.

Please call 574-849-4924 or send an email for additional information.

Here is the typeface that we are selling:
Sans Medium 8 pt, Kelsey 98-8
Spartan Medium Series 680 8 pt
Bankers Roman Shaded 12.1 pt, 12.2 pt, 18 pt
Bernard Modern Bold 670 14 pt
Bernard Modern Bold 670 18 pt
Stymie Bold 30 pt
Stymie Bold 36 pt
Stymie Bold 40 pt
Stymie Bold 48 pt
Stymie Bold 60 pt
Stymie Italic 24 pt
Stymie Italic 30 pt
Stymie Italic 36 pt
Stymie Italic 48 pt
Stymie Italic 60 pt

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