having trouble putting flywheel back on 8x12

I had to remove the wheels to get it out the 36” door when I moved it. Now the flywheel is being stubborn. 2x4 and a hammer only got me .5” on the shaft. I used a universal puller to take it off and it was tight as well.

Any suggestions would help.

How about some heat. If I map gas the inside diameter would that help or no?

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i wouldn’t try heat to get it back on. since you’d be heating the metal around the hole I would assume the heat would expand the metal actually making the hole smaller.

i used some light emery cloth on both the hole and the shaft. the trick was getting the flywheel perfectly perpendicular to the shaft. any minute angle is like cross threading a a bolt.

so I emery clothed the shaft and hole, applied some lightweight motor oil i had handy. Once I had it on a little bit of the way I had someone turn the shaft for me while applying steady pressure to the center of the flywheel and supporting it’s weight.

it worked out pretty good.

i got the idea of spinning the shaft when I could barely get the thing off initially trying to pull it straight off the shaft. it wouldn’t budge. soon as I started spinning the shaft inside the flywheel it was easy sailing.

good luck.

Clean the shaft and the hole, then add white grease on it…

If there is a nextime… I will remove shaft at body of the press. Past gorillas beat on the wheel pretty hard. Tons of sledge hammer marks or something. What… they never heard of wood dowels or pullers?

The key was not happy going all the way back in. Started to show some stress on the center of the wheel. A harline crack. (not hurting funtionality mind you). But I stopped the key and will dremel of the rest. It has half to two thirds bite which I think should be fine. Better than ruining the wheel.