Windmill help needed, figuring out exactly what parts are missing

Hi all… I recently purchased (well, last year) a 1959 Heidelberg Windmill (black ball) and discovered that the lay bar and guides were missing. I think that also the parts that attach the lay bar to the press are also missing, but I can’t be sure of exactly what pieces I need to get everything up and running properly.

I’m also trying to find the best place to source all of the parts I need. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oh and don’t worry, I’ve since replaced the horrifically scored rollers. That’s what happens when someone does perfing without removing them.



image: windmill_1.jpg


image: windmill_2.jpg


image: windmill_3.jpg


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Do you have a Heidelberg parts book? Looks like you’re missing the whole register unit including the piece that ties into the flywheel shaft.

Are you sure that it is a 1959?? What is the serial number? You are missing everything related to the lay guides including the head stop and associated cam and arm. I do not believe, from the pictures, that this machine ever had guides. I’ve never seen one like this and I’ve been at it 40 years. Very strange.

oh boy… well the serial number is 118913E

so, I can only assume that obtaining these parts is going to be somewhat expensive…


Be prepared for a SHOCK when you start getting prices on Original Heidelberg parts.

I’d recommend trying Whittenburg:

and Demers

Get used parts when you can… it’ll save you a ton of money.

Good luck!

Thanks for the links, very helpful. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what’s missing though so I can actually price out what I need and even if its worth it.

Here’s a page, compare what you’re missing and note down the parts numbers

image: heidelberg-10x15-parts 15.jpg

heidelberg-10x15-parts 15.jpg

I have the PDF of the parts catalog, but there are 2 problems. The first is that I can’t tell where some of the parts fit and the second (and most important issue) is that page 28 - the one I really need - is missing.