replacing blade on challenge 305F paper cutter

I have a Challenge 305F paper cutter and would like to change the blade for the first time. Can anyone offer input on the best approach to do this?

It appears to be pretty straightforward with 8 or so main bolts on the front of the blade but I’m sure that it is easier said than done.

Any tips or techniques for how to do this? Obviously, I’d like to do this safely and accurately so the blade is in the correct/aligned position.

Thanks so much.


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I have a Challenge 265 and this is my procedure:

First I lower the blade and turn the machine off with the blade in that position. Then I take out the bolts and turn the machine back on. The blade arm goes up and the blade flops forward.

Then I gently slide it out and immediately bolt it into the wooden blade carrier.

Following that, I carefully slide in the new blade, making sure the fresh edge doesn’t drag on any metal surfaces.

This is where it gets a little weird. You need a third hand to stabilize the blade while you bring the blade arm down onto it. So I take a wooden dowel and press it against the blade with my chest, so my hands are free to work the controls. Once the arm is down, I just shut off the machine and bolt the new blade in.

The new blade will be different than the old blade, so you have to adjust the stoppers on the top of the blade arm to get it level. Tighten the blade halfway and use the stoppers to press it level, testing with your stock. Then flip your cutting stick. You’ll ruin it if your blade is cutting too deep.

Perfect. Thanks so much for the thorough explanation. Much appreciated.

Email your number at [email protected] and I will give you clearer direction. That is not proper way to change the blade! There is a much safer way. Good luck!


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