Finding people in a location…

I was looking at Briar Press to see if I could locate letterpress printers to encourage them to join the APHA / Chesapeake Chapter so I was looking for people around Baltimore. Maryland brought up all kinds of people whose addresses were actually in Philadelphia.

If I search for the word Baltimore I come up with lots of listings for the press.

It would be nice if there was a way to search at least by state. I had to go to one of the categories in the Yellow Pages, find someone I knew was in Baltimore, then click on Baltimore there and it brought up those in the ‘city.’

When I searched for the word ‘maryland’ I got 5 items. If I searched for ‘md’ I got 1 item.

When I found someone in Maryland and clicked on “MD” I got 10 listings.

Would be great to be able to see people in your area.

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Glad you brought this up. I know that searching for people or locations needs improvement. I’m in final reviews right now so I can’t say much on the subject at the moment, but I hope to improve the situation during my winter break. More later….