Identifying roller composition

Is there any way to tell what a roller is made of?

I have three rollers for my Pearl— two look black but you can kind of see an underlying blackish green, these two are are very solid. The third is soft enough I can easily push a finger in about 1/4 inch. it pops right back.

I also have some rollers that came as new. They started out white, but have aged to a golden butterscotch color. They have not been used, and are also soft enough to dent with your fingers.

How do I tell what is rubber v composition? I have also heard of vinyl rollers.

Thanks, Lauri

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Sounds like you have “composition rollers” These are also known as “[email protected]##it Rollers”. They are made by combining two or more chemicals (hey, I’m a press mechanic, I don’t do chemistry) that turn into a very soft rubber-like substance that feels sort of like a big Gummy Bear.
The [email protected]##it part comes when these rollers, usually over a weekend, literally melt back into their original components, running down your beautifully restored (fill in the name) press looking like someone poured molasses all over it. And it is FUN to remove.
I suggest that when you recover your rollers, get a standard roller material and ask the roller manufacturer what the correct durometer is for the type of work you do and the press type.