Chandler & Price Letter Press

Hey community! Really long story short. Sooooo a few years ago my friend bought a letter press, then he moved and I inherited. Now I’m heading out, and its time for this wonderful press to find a new home.

Thing of it is I am not positive which model this is or even how much its worth and was hoping that the inky minds of the Briar community could lend me a hand identifying and ballparking.

Things I do know:

-Definitely a Chandler Price
-Everything is here, including the motor and the original leather drive belt
-Fully functioning and ready for use

Oh, also I have a type cabinet with about 10 or so drawers of type in it, a smaller box with fancy ornamental print blocks, and bunches of woodblocks.

Any help sorting this all out would be greatly appreciated, and of course it is for sale so that would be great as well.

Thanks All!

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