Bridget Elmer, proprietor 

Flatbed Splendor

Flatbed Splendor was founded in 2007 by Bridget Elmer. Bridget is an artist, bookmaker and letterpress printer working in Asheville, NC, where she is currently rebuilding her 19th century platen press, tuning up her 20th century flatbed truck, and retrofitting 21st century open source philosophy to book technologies. She received her MFA in the Book Arts from the University of Alabama in 2010, and she will graduate with her Masters in Library and Information Studies in 2011. Having recently taught book arts as an Adjunct Professor at Florida State University and a Visiting Art Professor at Colorado College, Bridget currently serves as an Instructor at Asheville BookWorks. In addition, Bridget is the Co-Operator of Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA).

image: Pages from Flatbed Splendor's latest book, Fibre Libre.

Pages from Flatbed Splendor's latest book, Fibre Libre.

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Why you print so many proofs

Good question! Pages in process, not proofs.