Opening: 3rd Annual “Represent Brooklyn” Art Exhibit: Nov 13

On Saturday, November 13, from 3 to 8 pm, The Rising Arts (TRA) Gallery will be hosting the opening reception for the 3rd annual “Represent Brooklyn” art exhibition.

November 13th to December 11th, 2010

Please join us as we celebrate the 3rd Annual “Represent Brooklyn” Art exhibition. The exhibition will feature works of 28 Brooklyn artists. The majority of the artists will be members of one or more Brooklyn art organizations. The primary purpose of the exhibition is to provide additional exposure to Brooklyn artists and their affiliated organizations. This exhibition also fosters a positive environment for networking between the local community, organizations, artists, and art enthusiasts.

For additional information, visit our website at, or call 718-498-6082.

Participating Artist:
Answerd Stewart, Billy Moro Wey, Carol Foy, Christina Sarquiz, Chrissy Crum, Dalit Gurevich, Diane Grazette-Collins, Doug Angleton, Fortunata Schiano, Frank Cole Jr., Geoffrey Bankowski, Golnar Adili, Greg Singer, Ilona Kahl, Jeanette Koumjian, Karin Drew, Lisa Bauer, Liz Clayman, Mary Therese Creede, Michael T. Bates , Nina Allen, Ramona Candy, Ronald Peters, Trevor Brown, Wynne Noble, Yasmin Gur, Brian Strong Wind Williams,

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image: Rep Blkyn.jpg

Rep Blkyn.jpg