Skip feeding on a Windmill

Will skip feeding damage a Heidelberg Windmill? I don’t do it very often, but some jobs really work better with this method.


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been doing it for 40 years and my press is still running, one or two jobs a year i have to skip feed, its harder on my back than the press. Dick G.

Especially on a 13x18 windmill. That’s quite a workout! Ron

my back is feeling it now! it wears you out.

Thanks! Yeah, my back feels it too… I try to take short breaks every 100 or so.

You’ll have muscles in your right arm like a weightlifter if you do it for any length of time on a 13 x 18.

The problem with the windmill is its your left arm that gets the workout, i’m left handed and my arm still feels it. Dick G.

The first time I skip fed the 13x18 it was an experience. I’m a short, light weight feller and the guy who was training me said to brace myself as I might go flying out the window. It wasn’t that bad at all, but it does get to you when doing a larger run. Ron

I kind of like the rhythm of skip feeding…in in out out in in out out… but I sure do hate it when something breaks my concentration and I don’t know if I’m in or out and end up printing on the tympan.