Carpe Noctum Press

Registered27 Oct 10 (Unconfirmed)
ProprietorSialia Rieke
Record keeperCarpe Noctum Press
Address812 Allendale St.
Santa Fe, NM USA 87505

Carpe Noctum Press was founded in 2003 to print the work of writer, illustrator, and binder Sialia Rieke. Publications to date: “Il Granchio Prodigo A Venezia” 2003, “A Fable” 2004, and “The Moon and the Moth” 2008. The next publication will be “The Sirens Sing No Lullaby”. The text of this short story is in the process of being hand set and will probably be printed in 2011, along with the nine etchings that comprise the illustrations. The edition of 20 signed copies may be available by 2012.