Four Kelsey Tabletop Platen Presses

I have four Kelseys that I’d like to sell.

1 late model 6x10 side lever, complete (chase, cores, paper fingers), with feed table. Cores will need to be resurfaced. $1100

1 late model 5x8 side lever. Has chase and paper fingers, but no cores (easily obtained). $875

1 earlier model 5x8 with center pull lever. Chase included, no cores. $800

Early 3x5 center pull with chase, fingers, and cores. $475

Willing to haggle for quick, hassle free sales. Discounts if you buy more than one. Priority goes to eager people that are close by. Photos can be provided upon request.

Located in Hadley, MA

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image: photo 3.jpg

photo 3.jpg

image: photo 4.jpg

photo 4.jpg