Challenge Papercutter smoking

I have a Kluge that runs 3 phase power on a 5hp rotary phase converter.

I just picked up a 26.5 inch Challenge paper cutter with a 3 hp 3 phase motor.

When I run the power to the Paper cutter from the same phase converter that powers the Kluge…..the paper cutter motor smokes.

The motor spends slowly and then it smokes after about 5 seconds. I shut it off.

Any ideas? I’ve reversed two of the power cords with no luck.

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Disconnect the motor from the hydraulic pump by removing the flexible coupling between the two. Try the motor again. If it runs OK, then the pump is bad. Challenge cutters usually start immediately and with authority. There is no “spooling up” like the Polar cutters.

I think I might be low on power here. I’m going to upgrade my phase converter to 10hp first.