Typeface Identification

Can anyone help me identify the typeface in the attached photo. The only information I am certain about is that it was created sometime before 1941.

Thanks, Robert
The Dog House Press

image: Font.png


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I would think this is some sort of hand-cut text rather than a typeface- probably a wood or lino block. It seems very inconsistent for it to be type. I could be wrong though and perhaps its just badly printed or worn out type.

I should have added that the text is from a poster printed in the 1930’s. I had to take the image from a photo of the poster so I am sure that adds to the rough nature of it. I agree that it may be hand drawn or cut I was hoping to find out if there is a metal or digital typeface out there that resembles this one.

Thanks, Robert
The Dog House Press

Hi Robert,

It is hand drawn or hand cut and there is no comparable metal typeface that I know of.