Ink Roller Tracks /tape

What is the best way to use to raise roller height on Kluge 12x18. I’ve tried masking tape, duct tape, packing tape, and am now using metal shim tape used for die cutting but holds up very well and does not get smashed into the rails. Only problem it peals up if left over night. I need something that raises the rollers a good bit (almost a 1/16 + due to x-tream wear on the rails) but does not wear out too fast or do i need to replace all rail tape per job?

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No you shouldnt need to replace the tape after every job.
I believe most people use Nylon tape as its hard wearing and doesnt compress much over time. Add it in layers to build up to the height you need.

On the kluge, you can try unbolting the rails and shifting them forward. There’s usually a bit of play in the bolts that allows you to set them forward or backwards.

I used to have to tape the rails with about 7-8 layers of tape until I reset them. Now I only need one strip on the right rail when printing photopolymer.