Heidelberg Windmill wobbles on ground


I’m in the process of setting up a new letterpress studio in Sydney, Australia. I’m here for the long haul, and believe I have found a well respected and knowledgeable mentor (former letterpress teacher) to teach me the fundamentals.

I however need to get the machine fundamentally operational before I invite him around and get started.

After moving the press, I’ve noticed that the press wobbles quite easily with a simple push. I’m worried that when the machine runs, it’s going to wobble even more. (I’m still setting up power so I’m not sure yet).

Any tips on how to secure the press so it isn’t so wobbly?

The press is sitting on an oil bed which isn’t perpendicularly flat - it bends a little. I can’t lift the press up any more.

A video of the situation is here:

If you’re interested, the press move went like this:

Thanks for any tips.

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Something could be under the press to make it wobble, i have one windmill with the same problem, i jacked it up a little and placed a 6 point slug under one corner, no more wobble. Good Luck Dick G.

Boy the press is great looking. Sound like the floor is not flat, but has a low spot. Do what dickg said, put a small slug under the spot not sitting flat on the floor.

From that video I would say that your driptray is too dented for a slug to compensate for. I’d suggest removing it and getting another made or (if you don’t mind the headache) trying to pound the current one flat.
The likelihood that the press itself is off kilter is pretty slim.

Drop a 3000 pound press on a drip tray and i don’t think the dents in it will last long. It is most likely that the floor is slightly off causing the press to rock. Dick G.

Hi thanks for the tips.

I have a feeling the floor isn’t flat as several have mentioned.

Will give the slug a try.

Thanks again

When I install Windmills, I use thin cedar or other wood shingles to level and stabilize the press. I have also used door shims from the home center or hardware store.