What size base for a 9x13 platen press?

Hi Briarpressers,

I have recently acquired a platen press which I believe (from measuring the inside of the chase) to be 9” x 13”.

I’m just wanting to know - what size base would be recommended for a 9x13 press? I’d most likely be ordering a base from Boxcar and can’t seem to find a measurement for what base they recommend for that size press (I will email them directly as well, but just wanted to see what others here have to say as well).

Thanks so much in advance for your help :)

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I don’t use bases, but if i did i would get one cut in half so you could put them together for large forms and use half the base for most smaller jobs. with a base the full size of your chase it doesn’t leave much room for gauge pins, then for smaller things you have to mount them further down into the press to allow for gauges. Good Luck Dick G.