Throw off arm removal on a Pearl

I have a #8 Pearl that I need to remove the throw off arm. I know that these are the most delicate part of the press and I want to make sure I don’t crack it. How do I go about removing this properly?

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Hi ideaAttic,
Hopefully someone with a No. 8 with contribute. On a No. 11 the throw off lever has a set screw on the it at the pivot point. The shaft it is pivoting on has a groove in it that the set screw protrudes into so you should just take the screw entirely out. The bottom end of the throw off lever on my press just pulls out. On older models there is a tapered pin with a nut on the other end that needs to be gently tapped out after removing the nut. This is a delicate piece so care must be taken if you have a tapered pin.

I found the little screw holding this on, it had layers of grease caked on it making it hard to find. Thanks for the tip on the tapered pin.