Cutting Machine Question?

I am reposting some information I gave in a previous topic from some time ago on the old website.
I have a gem cutter that needs repair. It was being used until recently as my paper cutter.
This cutter has a metal label on it saying it is from the Standard Machinery Co. in Mystic, Conn.
It also has molded into the metal on the front of the blade holder the word “GEM”.
From my measurements, my model is the thirty inch model. My model has a butterfly design on the bottom section of the machine.
The model in the picture in the museum section on this website has a different design, since it must be the smaller model.
It seems that in the descriptions of the gem on this website, there is a thirty inch model without a picture, from the 3 models listed.
If anyone knows of any diagrams as to how to dismantle this model in order to repair a part, it would be appreciated.
If anyone would know where I could go for help for this problem, it would also help.
I am in New York City.
Thank you.

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