Letterpress equip. type, furniture, tools, foil stamper, etc

TypeCabinets, two 36” wide metal cabinets, with 24 drawers each (metal faced wooden drawers) full of various size type 18 to 96 point (Univers, Crawford, Franklin Gothic, Spartan, Americana), most type new or like new. $1000 each or $1875 for both. Slug rack to fit on top of type cabinet, 36” wide, slanted galley-work area $200. Furniture cabinets (1-17” wide, 1-9” wide x36” high) full. $400 both.

Also Kwikprint foil stamper 2.5" x 6" head, Superior foil stamper .75"x3.25" head, Model 7 Boston wire stitcher(antique), metal furniture, Compositor's stone (turtle) 26" x 30" solid cast iron on heavy casters, Slug cutter, Numbering machines, Type setting sticks, lock-up quoins-many speed-wickersham- challenge, keys, other misc.

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image: TYPE CABINETS 2.jpg