Original Holiday Letterpress Prints

Combining original art and original music, ArtnHarp is the husband and wife team of Michael Mullen and Christa Grix who worked together to create this timeless expression of exquisite beauty.

Each ArtnHarp set is a limited-edition relief print and an original piece of music that are based on a particular, holiday theme. Mike sketched the iconic holiday scenes, transferred them to a linoleum block, hand-carved the images, then printed them on an antique letter press.

The CD included has a piece arranged and performed on Harp by Christa Grix. Each single is chosen to match the theme and setting of the print.

Waltz of the Flowers and O Christmas tree are limited to editions of 300 and 250 and are $25. each, unframed. Framed sets are available at $35. each.

10% of all sales coming from this ad will go back to Briar Press. Once your order has been processed, please send us an email to ensure 10% credit goes back to Briar Press. email us at: [email protected]

This combination of art and music symbolizes the inspiration and true meaning of the season.

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image: Artnharps framed with cds.jpg

Artnharps framed with cds.jpg

image: Waltz of the Flowers print.jpg

Waltz of the Flowers print.jpg

image: O Christmas Tree print.jpg

O Christmas Tree print.jpg